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How to Simplify a Packaging Business to Boost Profitability

When you’re in the wholesale packaging business, time, value and service are everything. If your customers can’t get this vital mix from you, they’ll quickly start looking to your competitors.

Packaging can be a complex operation with unique client requirements around product specifications and design, expectations of fast order turnarounds and competitive pricing.

You may already have a wide range of high quality products and a solid customer base but are you thinking about how to grow faster and become a streamlined, national distribution network with the potential to go global?

The key to unlocking that growth is often found in ensuring the efficiency of your operations and, in turn, protecting your profit margins.

How Your Packaging Business Can Become the Supplier of Choice

To grow your packaging business faster, you need a way to simplify complexity, speed up your processes and improve your customer service.

We’ve been working with packaging companies like Foster Packaging and have discovered four key factors to unlocking business potential in the packaging industry:

Improved processes: find more streamlined and efficient ways of doing business, while still retaining quality.

Protect margins: cut costs, improve productivity and get better supplier deals.

Superior customer service: provide a fast and responsive customer experience to each of your customers.

More scalability: scale up and grow faster, with flexible systems that don’t slow you down.

These four key factors can all be achieved through technology and automation; and by integrating your disparate systems, spreadsheets and processes into a single, unified system. Using a cloud ERP system, you’ll be able to streamline and automate processes across the business, with real-time data, reporting and insights available to everyone.

The benefits of cloud ERP have made it quicker to implement business management software, at a more affordable price and in shorter timeframes than ever before. Cloud software can be delivered to provide industry-specific functionality to make use of best practices and proven processes.

Financial processes are mostly standardised across the industry with some unique processes for different business types. But when it comes to supply chain, distribution and customer service, these can differ greatly. Utilising pre-defined, industry-specific functionality allows businesses to run efficient and scalable operations that can deliver an exceptional customer experience at every touch point. This is what will keep your customers wanting to deal with you over other suppliers.

Cloud ERP Software for Small to Medium Businesses 

Cloud ERP provides small to medium businesses a scalable platform for continual business process efficiency improvements. A cloud based platform provides many benefits including reduced IT infrastructure costs, online ordering for customers and system access for all staff from anywhere, at any time.

Let’s have a look at how you can become the supplier of choice for all of your customers’ packaging requirements through getting your back-end operations working seamlessly across your financials, operations and customers.

A Cloud ERP Solution Can Give Your Packaging Business These Advantages:

Time Savings

Your customers are time-poor. When you provide a simple, fast and streamlined procurement processes, you have a clear competitive advantage by delivering an exceptional customer experience – each and every time.

Becoming a customer’s sole supplier and providing just one invoice can save customers time which they used to spend dealing with multiple orders and invoices from a range of suppliers.

Driving Value

The packaging industry faces increasing pricing pressure, with customers scrutinising prices from multiple suppliers to get the best deal. By streamlining and automating your business processes, you’ll be able to reduce your operational costs and improve productivity. This all affects your profitability and can help protect your profit margins, offer customer pricing and become more competitive.

You can also minimise wastage with accurate forecasting to match  your stock to your demand. Not to mention leveraging better pricing quantity breaks from your suppliers when you can confidently buy in larger quantities, knowing the predicted demand for that stock.

Improving Service

Leaving customers waiting can mean missing out on their business. Empower your warehouse team with access to dashboards which concisely show the orders that need to get out of the door each day, prioritising the most important or urgent. Let your customers track their orders in in real-time, so they know when to expect their delivery. You can also deliver a customer portal, available online for customers to see your products, review their orders and continue placing their orders 24/7.

Foster Packaging: A Cloud ERP Success Story

Australian packaging and printing company, Foster Packaging, was outgrowing its manual systems which were manually intensive, clunky, time consuming and difficult to use. They wanted a solution which gathered all their systems under one roof and enable everyone to work from the one, single source of real-time information.

After a rigorous selection process, they chose JCurve. They liked the ease of use, along with NetSuite’s strong reputation in the industry.

Many of their processes are now fully automated, increasing staff productivity and outputs.

Take marketing, for example. Foster Packaging attends many tradeshows all over the world, sometime several trade shows in one week. They meet a huge number of prospects who are interested in their packaging and printing services.

They can now keep track of every new contact, right throughout their customer journey.

At the most recent tradeshow, their marketing manager entered all new contact information directly into their cloud ERP system, JCurve ERP, using her iPad, setting follow-up dates for those new leads to be contacted.

The system then sent automatic reminders to follow up those contact at the right times. She also set up automated email nurturing sequences, to keep new leads educated and engaged about Foster Packaging’s products and services.

Once the new leads were ready to talk to Sales, the sales reps were able to create customised pricing based on the forecasted value of the customer. Customer sales could be easily tracked and included in reports to show the marketing ROI of Foster Packaging attending the trade show.

Read the full story on Foster Packaging’s experience.

Efficiency Benefits for Packaging Suppliers which JCurve ERP Delivers

JCurve ERP cloud software solution offers numerous benefits for packaging businesses in terms of efficiency and scalability, all designed to help you grow faster. These benefits include:

Access to Real-Time Data

A real-time business dashboard gives you visibility into key metrics such as margins, orders to fulfil, sales by client, inventory levels in the warehouse and items on backorder. Sales reps share a single view of customer account information and interactions. Everyone in your business can see updated information as it happens and make better, data-driven decisions.

Automated Stock Reordering

Reordering product SKUs becomes a simple process. You can easily view real-time stock levels, set automated reorder points and supplier quantity breaks and match them with upcoming sales orders and forecasts. Re-ordering automation can even be set based on minimum and maximum stock levels.

Online Ordering for Customers

Providing an online portal allows your customers to order and easily reorder from you at any time, and from any device. This reduces the need for email, phone and fax orders which take up additional resources to process and leaves you open for manual entry errors.

Faster Shipping

JCurve offers advanced inventory management capabilities, so you can make sure your hottest items are always in stock and your warehouse turns orders around quickly. Customers can also track their orders in real-time so they know when they should be expecting their delivery.

More Efficient Processes

JCurve is designed to streamline your processes, drawing on global best practices for the packaging industry. Everyone in the business follows the same, system-driven process to keep things consistent and efficient. And, you can leverage automations to reduce your operational costs even further.

By boosting efficiency and reducing costs you can improve profitability and offer more competitive pricing on your packaging products and services.

Business Insights and Intelligence

Customisable dashboards and KPI meters give you real-time insights into business performance. JCurve ERP’s reporting shows you up-to-the-minute information, trends and forecasts across inventory, sales, purchasing and operations. This allows you to make better stock purchasing decisions, manage your cash flow, get more control over your inventory management, and even secure bulk discounts from your suppliers by knowing your demand fluctuations and confidently buying larger quantities when you’re able to.

Cloud-Based 24/7 Access

Because JCurve ERP is cloud-based, you can access it anywhere, anytime from the web. This improved collaboration across various offices and for staff on the road or out of the office. It also means you can avoid the high IT infrastructure costs associated with on-premise solutions.


If you’re considering leveraging the benefits of a cloud-based ERP solution for your packaging business, or if you’d just like more information on how it can simplify your business operations and fuel your business growth, get in touch to start a conversation.

We have a quick start package available specifically for packaging businesses to get you up and running faster and maximise ROI from your investment even sooner.

JCurve Cloud ERP Essentials for Packaging Go Live

It’s easier than ever to get started with JCurve with our Go Live Essentials for Packaging.

Go Live Essentials for Packaging gives you all you need to go live with JCurve:

  • Go Live Essentials implementation – designed for packaging businesses
  • turnkey implementation
  • rapid delivery in as little as 8 weeks, depending on your requirements
  • Pre-built configuration for packaging
  • 3 user licenses – additional licenses $1,500 per user per annum
  • Unlimited, Australian-based support for 12 months

Watch our webinar to gain further insights on how grow your packaging business faster.