Climbing for a Cure - CMO, Kate Massey, Raises Funds for Cure Cancer Australia

Climbing for a Cure - CMO, Kate Massey, Raises Funds for Cure Cancer Australia

JCurve Solutions (ASX: JCS) CMO, Kate Massey, has completed numerous challenges in the name of raising funds for Cure Cancer Australia. Kate has completed the Kokoda challenge, the Salcantay Trek to Machu Picchu, the Larapinta Trail, the New York Marathon, and more.

There's no sign of Kate slowing down though with her latest fundraiser that will see her climbing Mount Kosciuszko - not just once, but four times.


Kate is part of the JCurve Solutions team that's set its sights on raising $10,000 in total for Cure Cancer Australia. To help Kate and JCS achieve this goal, please consider donating to Kate's cause on the Summit Kosi for a Cure site.

Kate recently spoke with CMO Magazine in more detail about this fantastic fundraising initiative. See the full article here.

As Kate explained to CMO Magazine, "When you take on a challenge, the bigger the challenge, the more rewarding it is to complete, and this is true in a work sense as well. I am always challenging my team to take on a bigger goal or target; we are highly results-focused.

The top 10 lessons Kate has learned along the way:

  1. The BIGGER the challenge the more rewarding it is to complete.
  2. “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right” – it’s in the mindset.
  3. You can always push yourself harder than you think you can.
  4. Goals become real once you commit to them.
  5. The hardest part is often getting started.
  6. It’s easier to achieve a goal if you break it down.
  7. It’s easy to make excuses, it’s harder to keep yourself accountable.
  8. Too busy means you are choosing not to prioritise doing it.
  9. You don’t need to be a runner to run a marathon – you just need to not quit.
  10.  ALWAYS celebrate your successes.

Find out more about Kate's fundraising story or donate to the cause.