JCurve Solutions ASX Announcement: Acquisition of the Riyo Business

JCurve Solutions ASX Announcement: Acquisition of the Riyo Business

JCurve Solutions (ASX: JCS) has announced the successful acquisition of the Riyo Business. The Riyo software is a platform to provide on-demand or scheduled booking, dispatch and payment (BDP) services to businesses.

Riyo Founder and CTO, Adam Kundrat explained, “The Riyo software platform is a disruptive technology which has multiple potential commercial applications. Customers demand convenience, transparency and engagement in a single, mobile experience. The Riyo software platform leverages advanced technology to deliver this experience. Our customers say we are the “Uber” platform for all service companies. I am excited to see the progress JCurve Solutions makes in commercialising the Riyo software”.

The acquisition is a strategic decision given the synergies between the Riyo Business and JCurve Solutions' growing ERP software division.

Stephen Canning, CEO of JCurve Solutions explained, “The acquisition of the Riyo software platform adds to our growing suite of solutions. We are purchasing a robust, scalable, industry standard technical architecture which has been successfully tested through product trials. The software platform could be rolled out in its current state or may be developed into other verticals and integrated into our ERP offerings.”

The acquisition is expected to be complete on 31st May, 2018.

Read the full details in the JCS ASX announcement.

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