NetSuite 2018.1 Release - What You Need to Know

NetSuite 2018.1 Release - What You Need to Know

NetSuite's 2018.1 release is nearly here, and most accounts will receive an update on Saturday, May 12th. If you haven't had a chance to follow the pre-release tasks and test out the release preview, now is the perfect time.

For our customers using the JCurve ERP edition of NetSuite, we've put together a release summary of features applicable to your edition.

JCurve ERP Edition Highlights:

  • Lists, Records, & Fields Submenu Reorganization
  • Enhanced Banking capability includes, ability to upload a bank statement in CSV format, ability to delete reconciled statements & improved intelligent transaction matching.
  • New Inventory Status feature enables you to associate attributes to items for detailed tracking of inventory and to drive internal processes.
  • WSDL Versions 2012.1 and Older to be Disabled
  • Ability to access Sandbox accounts from your production login and zero downtime on sandbox refreshes.

NetSuite Edition Highlights:

  • Ability to share Customer Records with Multiple Subsidiaries
  • Fixed Assets Management Enhancements

You can also see the full NetSuite release notes for a complete listing of features applicable to NetSuite editions.

Important: We recommend that JCurve Solutions customers test enhancements applicable to their edition by running end-to-end transactions in the release preview before the update.

If any unexpected behaviour is encountered during testing, please get in touch with our Support Team at or via the Support Portal.