NetSuite Comments on the Small Business Software Shift

NetSuite Comments on the Small Business Software Shift

Small business software has seen rapid evolution in recent years. Enterprise-level software vendors, such as NetSuite, have recognised the need for SMBs to leverage not just small business accounting software, but a full cloud ERP software suite.

NetSuite recently commented on the small business software shift to cloud-based solutions in online publication. See the full article, Preparing for the Great SME Software Shift.

Increased vendor focus on partner channels has made way for an expanded reach into the SMB market. As a 5-Star NetSuite Partner and the exclusive AU & NZ small business edition of NetSuite, JCurve ERP, provider JCurve Solutions has seen firsthand the growing interest from small businesses in cloud ERP solutions.

When considering cloud based software, many SMBs are now shifting their focus from limited small business accounting software packages to full cloud ERP applications. This strategy not only removes the need for add-on products to manage inventory, CRM, marketing or eCommerce but also means re-implementation of new systems isn’t needed when business requirements change.

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