The Best ERP Software for 2017

The Best ERP Software for 2017

PCMag recently tested and compared the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that help businesses manage their resources, reduce inefficient processes, boost productivity and see better overall business performance. They have some solid experience in testing these types of solution, having previoulsy ten different enterprise level software packages, to find out which accounting software is the best.

Not surprisingly, Oracle's NetSuite ERP was voted as the top choice. 

See PCMag's full article, The Best ERP Software for 2017, in which they also cover, "What Is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?", guidance on taking the right approach to ERP software, and a summarised round-up of the best ERP software packages they reviewed.

PCMag also offer some smart advice for your ERP selection process, such as talking first with your front-line managers to understand the business processes for each area of the business. They also suggest mapping out how transactions such as payments and web orders happen, and how you track things like shipping, fulfilling, and warehouseing, to be sure about what benefits each ERP supplier's solution will be able to provide in these areas.

Not sure where to start with finding an ERP solution that's right for your business needs? Start with your free ERP Buyer's Guide and get the advice you need to make the a more informed decision.

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