The Best of 2018: Business Guides, Videos and Articles

The Best of 2018: Business Guides, Videos and Articles

Start 2019 with a round-up of the best business growth ideas and content from the last 12 months. It's here and all in the one place.

See the top downloadable business guides, helpful videos, and in-depth articles.

2019 also brings NetSuite's SuiteConnect conference - a free event aimed at helping companies grow together.

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7 Simple Secrets to More Effective Inventory Management

Good inventory management can help you increase stock turn, reduce operating costs and increase overall profitability. Find out the 7 simple secrets that can help you manage inventory more effectively.

"When you relate demand fluctuation data back to other data sets such as marketing campaigns, geographic areas of customers, and time-based factors such as seasonal influences you’ll start to form a clear picture of what’s caused those fluctuations."

Download - 7 Simple Secrets to More Effective Inventory Management.



SMB Accounting Software vs an ERP System

What are the differences between SMB accounting software and an ERP system? Find out in this free guide that makes choosing the right business software easier.

"Accounting software often needs to integrate with third-party applications to add in-depth inventory, CRM and other business functions. While this extends the viability of the accounting software, the business has to now deal with multiple databases."

Download - SMB Accounting Software vs an ERP System.



The ERP Buyer's Guide

Comparing ERP systems can be a time-consuming task. But it's just been made easier with the ERP Buyer's Guide. See what to consider when evaluating options, what to ask vendors, and much more.

"Most multi-tenant SaaS solutions are designed to be highly configurable so that businesses can make the application perform the way they want without changing the underlying code or data structure."

Download - The ERP Buyer's Guide.




ERP Implementation: 7 Critical Success Factors

A successful ERP implementation can save you significant time and costs by getting things right the first time and minimising disruption. Find out the 7 critical success factors for ERP implementation that will help you see a greater return on your investment.

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Life Interiors' Business Success Story

The team at Life Interiors were looking for a way to manage their business growth. With multiple sales channels and a limited marketing budget, they had reached the limits of tracking everything through spreadsheets. See how the company supported their fast growth.

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Finding the Right Cloud Solutions Provider for Your Business Needs

Hear what makes JCurve Solutions and its team of experienced solution specialists the right cloud solutions provider for your business management software needs.

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How You Can Improve Profit Margins: 8 Top Tactics

Get the 8 top tactics that can help you understand, monitor, and manage your profit. Learn how to reduce operating costs and drive profitability.

"Do you have products or services that other competitors don’t? Are you offering additional value-adds that other competitors aren’t? Do you have a stronger reputation for quality or service that keeps repeat customers coming back to you? Does your company have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that makes customers want to buy from you instead of your competitors? These are just some of the factors that can influence your buyers’ decisions. It’s not always about the lowest price."

See the article, How You Can Improve Profit Margins: 8 Top Tactics.



How a Structured Sales Pipeline Can Help Close More Deals

Are you noticing a low conversion rate of leads to opportunities and deals won? Learn how to help your team build a stronger sales pipeline and close more deals.

"Set data-driven goals for your sales team around pipeline metrics such as the number of leads, prospects and closed deals, the total value of closed deals, and conversion rates between stages."

Get the insights in the article, How a Structured Sales Pipeline Can Help Close More Deals.



The Warning Signs You've Outgrown Xero Accounting Software

If you're experiencing issues with running Xero reports, working outside of Xero to collate data or dealing with a network of systems, you'll want to know the limitations and how you can continue growing.

"Xero can be great small business accounting software, but it’s not designed to work alone. It may cover your accounting requirements, but it doesn’t claim to cover the operational side of your business. Most well-run companies have other systems that hold their broader operations together. This can be a separate CRM system, an add-on inventory solution, or additional manufacturing software."

This article, The Warning Signs You've Outgrown Xero Accounting Software, gives you a detailed run-down.



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